Still Unfinished

June 16, 2009
By Anonymous

Your future isn't something you one day wake up and know how it will come out. If it was then all the lessons that came with life would never be known. I have a perspective on what i want to do and how to achive it, but i don't know what life will put infront of me to overcome. I'm still young with so much to learn, but with that said one thing i promise myself is to never lose sight on what I want. I'm the girl who never regrets. One would say everyone has a regret.Well for me it's different. I think of it in every angle, the out come, and how it would effect my life. So when it comes to it I never regret. People call me stuborn but I won't change what i believe to please others. I know what i want. I know the difference on what people want for me and what I want for myself. Life isn't easy that is a known fact but it's woth it. With all the bad times comes a lesson and with every good time comes memories that will stick with us till the end. At this moment i sit on the computer still wondering what my future holds but I do know what I want in's just beginning for me...the story continues with no ending..yet..

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