How to avoid violence

January 13, 2009
By Tyrae McFall, Ao, CO

HOW TO AVOID VIOLENCE When I was younger my brother Earl liked to beat me up and when he was done he
would walk away and laugh like it was nothing. This is why I am writing how to avoid violence. He
also likes to mimic me to. "That hurt" and "I hate you." Man he beat me like a drum set. Do
you know how that feels, it hurts, it stings, it burns. Do you think I liked it? Violence is wrong
not right and very- very hurtful. But now I'm older so I know how to handle the situation. For
instance, yesterday he was about to hit me so I just started dancing I was trying to do the moon
walk but it wasn't working. Then he called me stupid and left. If you
ask me I think it went pretty well. Today he was about to beat me up so I said want to hear the Emo
song? It goes like this E is for emotional ruins every body's day. M is for miserable people. O is
for on the dark side. He just started laughing his head off and called me a moron. So now every time
he is about to beat me up I just do completely random things to get him off my case. Another thing
you can do is be annoying trust me it works; it might not sound like it but it does. For example
Earl said he was going to take my money then I said so. He said he was going to hit me in my chest,
I said so. He said he was going to kick me as vigorous as he could in my shin, I said so. Then I
kept saying so for at least ten minutes until he walked away. I have also put a camera in my room to
record him beating me up. Then I blackmailed him for about a week until he took my camera and took
out my memory stick and heaved it out the window. That really infuriated me so I enlightened my mom
on the situation. That wasn't very beneficial idea because she told us to take counseling. The
unappealing part about it was that he had to drive us there and back so I had to be in the car with
him the whole time. And that was a living nightmare because he would stare at me like I was dead
meat and he was a vulture on the hunt. The only way out was to tell mom that he really wasn't
picking on me and I just wanted him to get in trouble and that I would shell out for the counseling.
And Earl let me go on that one which I was very-very glad about. Then he said next time you pull
something like that I just might beat the living daylights out of you. That one you shouldn't try
just a head up if you didn't notice. Those are the ways I avoid violence maybe you try these they
just might work for you

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