The Shocking Truth

January 13, 2009
By Cristian Garcia, Phoenix, AZ

I was not sure about the month and date but one of my best friends was gone. Her parents were very
worried just as I was. I was wondering where she could be. As I was thinking in my head, my insides
felt like they were curling up into a little ball as I began to let a tear down my cheek. I had
asked my mom and dad where she was, at and they would not tell me. Until one day I found out, and I
could not believe what had happened. The story begins a little something like this. The year was
2000 and I was barely 6 years old. I was like a little tater tot. My dad, mom, and I were new to the
neighborhood. I was pretty much a loner for awhile, but it didn't really matter to me that much
because I had my Super Nintendo. My favorite game was Super Mario. I started going to a school named
M.C. Cash. There I met a girl named E.. Every time I saw her it would bring a smile to my
face that was as bright as the biggest star in the world. She was only 7 years old. She was 4ft.
1in. with peach colored skin. Every time I saw here she would always have a smile on her face as if
she would live forever. I went home and later on that day I heard a knock at the door. My mom
answered it and yelled at the top of her lungs, “Cristian, E. is here!" I smiled and
tried not to hold it back. I said, "Hi!" She came in and we went to my room to play Nintendo. I
was having the best time of my life. It was getting dark outside, so my mom and I walked her home.
She said, "Thank you, and I'm coming over tomorrow again so we can play." I got excited as my
face blushed like a round juicy tomato. I gave her a hug and said, "Good Bye!" The next day was
such a beautiful day; a Saturday morning when the sun is barely rising and the huge green trees are
in my front yard; the green grass as fresh and cool as you lay in it. I woke up waiting for
E. that morning. She wasn't coming, and I didn't know why so I just started playing Super
Nintendo by myself. It was really boring without her here. The day went by really fast so I went to
sleep wondering were she could be. I kind of felt like crying, but I didn't. I got up with
excitement thinking that E. was here. I didn't find her anywhere. So I went to go ask my
mom. She said, "No son, she has not come." I was feeling really sad because I was thinking she
didn't like to hang around with me. I went to my living room and sat on my couch. As I sat I was
in detective mode and was trying to find out why she hadn't come. I couldn't think of anything
so I was just going to wait until I went to school. I went to sleep around 7:30p.m. on Sunday. The
next day I woke up for a day of school. I got ready as fast as I could so I could get to school and
see if I could find her. I got to school early just sitting on a bench with my back against the
fence. This day didn't look so good at all. My mood was very sad because she wasn't coming. The
sky matched my mood. It was dark gray with black clouds. It began to sprinkle and then it rained
harder. I sat there for awhile and I went to class late. I was soaking wet and every step I took my
shoe made a sound as if you squeezed a wet sponge. The teacher wondered why I was so sad and so wet.
I told her my best friend hasn't come to visit me for awhile and I didn't see her at school. I
didn't feel like doing anything in class so I just sat there until school was over. I heard the
bell ring and I went home. It felt like my life didn't matter anymore. As I walked home I dragged
my backpack. I was cold because my clothes were wet still. When I got home and I saw my dad in the
living room sad because he heard what happened to E.. I asked him what was wrong but I had no
reply from him. I asked him, "Was it about my friend." He said, "No. It's just that I was
watching the news and they said a whole family died in a car accident on the freeway." But I
didn't really care. I had a feeling he knew what happened to E.; he just didn't want to
tell me. I kept bugging him and just kept saying what happened to E. over and over again.
After the fourth time I said it he said, "Ok. I'll tell you." There I sat just starring at
him, with my eyes wide open, my ears ready to listen, my heart beating two times the normal speed,
my lungs having a hard time breathing as if a ton of cement blocks were on top of my chest, and my
hands sweaty as I balled them up into a fist. "I was watching the news and they said they found her
body in the canal and she was dead. She was murdered." I
broke down and started to cry, and it felt like I was about to blackout. I began to cry because I
was going to miss her and because I was never going to see her anymore. I wouldn't be able to hear
her laugh or see her smile. I was never going to have any more fun without her or no one to talk to.
I went to my room and cried myself to sleep. The next day I woke up thinking E. was going to
come today, but I had forgotten that she was dead. I was thinking to myself that I need to move on.
Even though I'm going to miss here so much. I'm 14 years old now I haven't forgotten about
her, and today I still miss her, wishing she was still by my side.

The author's comments:
Well i really wanted to write this because she was my best friend and i know we all can't forget about our loved ones. I also wanted to let people know why i love all my friends so much. Losing someone special or close hurts deep down inside and sometimes never goes away. I hope the readers love what i have written and i hope they can change their heart and show some love to the people they hang around with. To all the readers and writers out there in the world, i hope you all love my story and i hope my story inspiers you to make any kind of change or to be strong when they lose someone really close. Thank you for your time!

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