Stuck In The Elevator

January 13, 2009
"I'm stuck on the top floor of the elevator", says Lil Wayne as he looks at himself in the
reflection in the sliding doors and making sure that he has all 8 chains of jewelry on. Then he
turns around and sees a man with perm hair and unusual style of clothing. "I'm fallen in love
with you baby" says prince as he does unusual dance moves and runs his fingers through his hair
making sure his hair looks right. He looks around and covers his face like the paparazzi is tying to
take pictures of him. "I don't go for that thing, yea dig?" Lil Wayne says as he takes
a sip from a Styrofoam cup brimming with sprite, eye lids low as he looks, as he hasn't
slept for weeks and fixes his shoestrings and then looks up and sees another person in the
elevator. He looks as he has no nose and long black hair and almost creepy looking. "I'm smooth,
but not a criminal", says Michael Jackson as he looks at Lil Wayne in the eyes as he looks like he
saw satin in the flesh. Lil Wayne looks at the top of the elevator and sees that the dial on the top
where the floors are displayed and sees that the dial is not moving."Were ya'll from?" says Lil Wayne as he takes a sip from his Styrofoam cup.
"I'm from Gary, Indiana," says Michael Jackson as he starts practicing his moonwalk for his
concert. "I'm from Minneapolis, Minnesota," says Prince as he looks in the reflection from the
top of the elevator, checking that his perm is still looking good. Out of no where Lil Wayne says, "We are not the same, I am a Martian". He stands there
rubbing his eyes becoming very tired. Now the elevator becomes foggy with smoke, so much that there is no
oxygen left in the elevator. Then Lil Wayne says, "Please don't shoot me down cause I'm flying,
I'm flying, I'm high up." As he is reciting his songs as he has a show in New Orleans later today.
The Smoke becomes so much that it feels like they are in the clouds in the sky, not knowing that there
was a fire alarm directly above them. The fire alarm goes off. "Someone is coming to your
rescue," says a voice from a speaker from the side of the elevator. Then someone in a yellow jumpsuit comes down from the ceiling and removes a tile from the top
of the elevator and puts down a ladder and Lil Wayne, Michael Jackson and Prince climb up and escape.

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