January 13, 2009
By Jessica Miller, Perry, KS

An adrenaline rush, a brief moment in time, a release of all emotions, fears, and memories, that one
second that time stops and you're there, in the spotlight performing, it's all you baby. Ever
felt any of that before? I have, when I was performing, not only was I singing for me, I was sending
a message across to so many people, the message of a song, and the message of a story. That's what
is truly wonderful to me. Music, it says so much in so little time, it brings you back, takes you
forward, and lets you be who you want to be, live how you want to live, see what you want to see,
and believe that you're not alone in anything you do. Music is a powerful thing and is found in
several different cultures. Music can contain messages, stories, and beliefs, all in just one song.
It can relay a feeling that one person feels towards another or a certain thing. The music can move
you and make you feel like you're tense, relaxed, sad, uncertain, nostalgic, or happy. I think
that's why music is so very special to so many people. Music can be a good thing, bad thing, or
just a plain weird thing, it all depends on how you interpret the song. With so many different kinds
of music, there's also a lot of controversy over what there is. In the book One Life To Live: One
Song To Sing, there is a statement that says, When people say "I hate that music', they're
really saying "I hate that culture'." I honestly believe that that's true, because I don't
think that anyone person can actually hate one kind of music, I think that they just don't like
the style, history, or the message that they interpret from the song. Speaking of different styles,
there are several different kinds of music out in the world today, not all of it appealing to all
people, but there is a lot that does. There are too many kinds of music to list and there's also
some music that people don't even know about. As a teenager, I know that there are several kinds
of music that I enjoy listening to and other kinds of music that I just don't particularly care
for. What a sound, but where did it come from? Music has come from many cultures, and is a lot of
times that it's used for spiritual and religious reasons. For instance, back before and during the
civil war, African American slaves sang songs such as "Amazing Grace" and "Swing Low, Sweet
Chariot", to each other, themselves, or just as a pastime to keep on keeping on. But, the songs
each have significant meaning to them to relay messages of freedom, or that they're running away,
just something to talk to each other so that they could get through the day with the hope that one
day they will be free. As I said before, there are so many different kinds of music, like Christian
and Gospel, which were both used for contacting or talking to God. Music has blended so many
cultures together just by sending several messages to the people that sing music, listen to music,
and or write music. Behind the music is always a story, whether we know the story or not before we
hear the song we learn the message sometime or other in the song. There have been many different
eras of music, the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th Century, Medieval, and Renaissance. All of
which have had a strong impact on our society. The first era was the Medieval Era, in which there
were so many different kinds of composers of music, all which have influenced our culture today. The
instruments were mainly hand crafted and carved by knives. The second era was the Renaissance
era where the composers became famous for their work, with composers like William Byrd and
Giovanni Gabrielli, this era became known for some of its music. The Baroque era consisted of
several new styles being introduced into the culture (especially the European culture) with
composers such as Bach and Handel making a name for themselves. Probably the most famous era, the
Classical era, consisted of Beethoven, Mozart, and Papa Haydn, who introduced their styles and
masterpieces that are still famous to this day. The next era is the Romantic era with the composers
Tchaikovsky, Brahms, and Chopin. The final era is the 20th century which consisted of the composers
Bernstein and Copland. Music, in the last few years, seems to have become a lot more controversial
with its lyrics, and has been used as a sort of battle stance. In certain types of music it has
represented a culture of fighting and battling for one particular person, territory, or even just
side of the playground. I believe that this has had a large impact on our culture, just like a lot
of other kinds of music has in the past. The only problem with this impact, it's not a good on,
and it's being introduced to younger age groups within the nation. Due to some of the lyrics,
there have been people influenced to do certain things and have used the defense of, Well, this
person did it so why can't I?" This has caused a large problem in our nation. Although it is one
culture, and a culture that exists in our society, it's not the best culture we could have
influence people, especially not for the children who are introduced to it so young. I guess that
music has a very large impact on culture, whether we like it or not, the impact that will
affect people, no matter what. Music has a long history and has been separated in many different
years, and probably will continue to be separated within the years to come. We all know that music
has a history, a meaning to it and also a large impact on our society today. To end this I've come
up with a theory to explain what my feeling on music are, "Music, by definition is a sound put to
a rhythm or words, but by experience, it's a way of life, a feeling, and a love. It's something
that brings joy, sadness, memories, and really any was that you can interpret the message of a

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