Smart and Sexy TM

January 13, 2009
By Hannah Ceschi, Hartland, WI

How do you define smart and sexy? To Smart and Sexy,"Smart is knowing how to get what you want, and Sexy ishaving a great time doing it!" The ad for Smart and Sexy is promoting the company's lingerie.

The target audience appears to be white, middle class working women ages 20-30. Images that suggest this are the three beautiful, young blonde women and the office they are standing in. Each woman is standing seductively and wearing a different style of lace, cheetah print lingerie. The girl on the left is holding a clipboard. The one in the middle is holding a cell phone, and the girl on the right has a clipboard and pen and is wearing glasses. The company did not indicate anywhere in the ad where you could buy their products or what their price range is.
The ad reflects an ambitious, provocative, attractive lifestyle. The girls value work, sex, and confidence. This lifestyle and these values are expressed through their props, setting, and appearance. They are thin, blonde, tan and wearing heavy makeup. This attracts readers, specifically young girls. The audience strives to be like them.

The literal meaning of the message is being smart means knowing what pleases you; being sexy is having fun doing whatever it is that pleases you. The hidden message presented is being smart and sexy are ways to receive your sexual desires and to enjoy those desires. By wearing their lingerie, you are smart and sexy; thus, achieving your goal of sex.

Techniques of persuasion used are repetition, leadership, and beautiful people. It's clear that beautiful people are being used to assure readers that if they buy this lingerie, they too can be this seductive and inviting. Repetition is evident by the three women in matching clothes. This type of persuasion is utilized to drill the message into the audience's minds. Leadership is clear based on the looks on each woman's face. They show confidence, strength, and boldness, even though they could be seen as "plain folks."
Smart and Sexy did not promote any healthy messages when producing this ad. Sex appeal is not appropriate in the work place. Lingerie is for special occasions. Another implication is if you want to be confident and successful, you have to be sexy. And if you want to be sexy, you have to dress in enticing bras and panties. This is not true. Confidence comes from within, not from what you wear.

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