January 13, 2009
By Lindsey Hanaway, Sussex, WI

What would you do if the love of your life was diagnosed with cancer? On of my teachers was faced with this life altering question when she was only in high school. Her long term boyfriend, Mark, was diagnosed with cancer. She was faced with many decisions, but couldn't turn her back and felt obliged to take care of him while he was sick. She was a prestigious caretaker, but with his troubled ilk, she received little remuneration or help. However, after the recovering, she couldn't seem to shake the care taking mode. This made it nearly impossible to be in a relationship anymore so she decided to call it quits.

Obviously, at the time the break up was insanely hard, but eventually all good things come out of hardships. In her life a man named Bruce would be considered a great thing. The best love stories are the ones that are unexpected. This was nothing short of completely out of the blue. While she was in college she started dating around again and started seeing a boy named Chris. She thought he was just alright, but felt they had incoherent personalities. Still, she decided to double date with her and her crabby roommate. Chris brought along a friend named Bruce. They were all just hanging out in the apartment when fortuitously, Shakira came on. "Dance with me!" screamed my teacher in excitement, but Chris, being low key and semi boring just sat still. Bruce then got up and began dancing around with her. Her roommate, seeing this as a diatribe became uneasy. However, ignoring the inhibition of how her roommate may be attaching to Bruce turned out to be for the best.

The next weekend the two couples decided to go out again, but this time to a bar. The foursome saw a placard for darts and started up a game of darts. When my teacher asked who wanted to be her partner Bruce's hand immediately flew into the air. As my teacher would say, "We've been partners ever since."

They do have a lot in common already, such as their obsession for board gaming. They both love to play various board games together and to me that is a very uncommon thing that these two found in each other. They took it as far as going to a tournament for gaming in Indianapolis. Even though to me this would be a lot less than entertaining, the two strengthened their bond through healthy competition. She appears to be an integral part of Bruce and vice versa. As for what the future holds for this perfect couple, my teacher says she wants to someday get married and start a family.

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