Justin Lance

January 13, 2009
By Justin Lance, Hartland, WI

William Buckley currently lives in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He badly wants to escape from his small room in his parent's suburban home, yet he still resides there with a couch and a mini fridge to keep him company. Justin is quiet and shy, but very lively when hanging out with friends on the weekends. When he was too lazy to get up on a Saturday morning to play little league sports, he figured he would need to find a hobby that allowed him to sleep in on the weekends, and not break a sweat. He found writing. From his on going story about a ladybug in 4th grade to his short, unfinished, book about a man named Fred, composed in his sophomore year creative writing class, his writing has grown and improved. He has even gone so far as to get a poem published. Justin spends his days by relaxing and avoiding work until the afternoon. He then fiddles around with his piano, ponders about the perfect lunch to eat, and then goes to writing as he places his greasy hand all over the keyboard, he decided to have bacon for lunch. Writing comical short stories about the troubles of a mild mannered office worker tends to be the favored theme but on occasions a serious work is developed. This mostly happens on accident. Justin does not want to pursue a career in writing though he will continue to write and hopefully someday realize a reason for his writings. Maybe he likes the satisfaction of a well written story being completed and finally getting to click save for the final time. Nah.
Peace, Love, and Diabetes

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