January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Murder, homicide, rape, burglary. What do these words have in common? High percentage rates. The Deputy
Chief of Police says Milwaukee's overall crime rate is notably dropped, but a rise in murders in
2007 was all citizens heard about. Headlines across the country make Milwaukee seem like a flagrant
unsafe city, but many don't know that the city has an code of ethics and is doing their best to
enforce it and decrease all crime rates. The Milwaukee Chief of Police quotes "I
understand the frustration that people are upset, I am frustrated too. This is a problem bigger than
law enforcement. I think we have a societal crisis."With 122 murders occurring last year, it has
become a large problem that has to be dealt with. So what is creating all this violence? Music,
movies, television shows? No one is really 100% sure, but Milwaukee law enforcement is doing their
best to fix it. They have been doing clandestine research to try and find the culprits and punish
them for their doings. Some citizens may say jails and prison is a great way to help, some say it is
simply inane due to the fact that it is highly impossible to admonish the criminal to change his
ways. The jail cells are rampantly filling up and the city has to transport the offenders to other
county jails. It is good to know that the crime rate is decreasing, but the question is-when will is

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