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January 12, 2009
By Samie Riley, Hartland, WI

Dear A.C. Nielsen Co.:

Grey's Anatomy, Survivor, and Extreme Home Makeover are shows that my family watches. Reading the
poignant article "Influence of Television" is what coerced me to write this letter. "Heavy TV
viewers exhibit five dependency symptoms"two more than necessary to arrive at a clinical diagnosis
of addiction." How do you know if watching TV is why these children are having these

"Using TV as a sedative; indiscriminate viewing; feeling loss of control while viewing; feeling
angry with oneself for watching too much; inability to stop watching; and feeling miserable when
kept from watching." (Influence of Television) There are six reasons here and statisticss that
children are receiving these symptoms from watching TV. I watch 2 hours a day and I know that I do
not have a single symptom that you are describing. You also say in "Influence of Television"
that "A National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey released in October 1995 found 4.7
million children between the ages of 6-17 (11% of this age group) to be severely overweight, more
than twice the rate during the 1960's" This fruitless information is hard to comprehend. You say
they are severely overweight, but what is categorized as severely overweight for each age group. In
"Television and Health" you state that "Percentage of parents who would like to limit their
children's TV watching: 73%". If parents believe their children are watching too much TV, then
why don't the parents do something about it?

You need to corroborate these facts because they seem really over the top. When reading the articles
I was garbled with all the information and trying to figure out what you wanted to say. Since being
confused about the information I was not phlegmatic to read about this at all. When writing the
articles I believe you were sanguine that everyone would agree with you and not watch as much TV.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. If you would like to contact me I can be reached as
the address above.

Sincerely, S.R.

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