Christmas at the Mall

January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Christmas is a time of giving, laughter, and being thankful. Going Christmas shopping for your
friends and family and trying to pick out the perfect gift is troublesome. Personally, I enjoy
taking a day to shop. But when looking for those perfect gifts, it is not a perfect shopping utopia
by any means. One of my hobbies is to see how people react to the elongated lines. First, you have
the group of people who are fractious. They claim they can be doing better things than waiting in a
line for hours. They expunge the true meaning of Christmas. The next group of people are the social
people. These people make conversation with anyone in their vicinity. Don't get me wrong. They
are nice people, but they never shut up. You will be sitting in line and they will start talking
about their children and how they have become so successful; it gets boring really fast when they
don't want to know about you; they just feel like bragging. There is yet another group of people I
notice when in the store. In this group, we have the timorous shoppers. They feel that they will
not get a good spot in line so they set there kid in the line and strictly instruct them to stay in
the line while they go shop. What kind of parent is that? Finally we come to the "chill" group
these shoppers are enjoying their day and the long lines really don't bother them. It's the
ostentatious and flamboyant people that get on there nerves. Christmas is a time to be with family
and have a good time. It's not a time to think about you. Shopping can be jaunty and enjoyable
if you make it. Find the little things that make you laugh and work off that. For me it's
looking at other peoples reactions to long lines.

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