Being Replaced, by Your Grandpa

July 1, 2009
By Anonymous

I got in the car. I hadn’t seen my Grandpa in 3 weeks. Long story, but my brother, and I just hadn’t seen most of my mom’s family in a while. I really missed them, and was so happy when my Papa called to invite my brother and I to see a movie, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. He showed up at 11am to pick us up. I am the oldest so I planned to sit in the front passenger seat. That is until I saw a girl from our church in the front seat. I really liked her, she’s a great little girl it’s just that it seemed my grandpa has been hanging out with her a lot. Doing all the stuff that he normally would have done with me. No, I am probably just imagining things, yeah that’s it. Imagining things. Then we started playing the alphabet game, you know that road game where you find the alphabet in order on street signs and stuff? Well, we started playing that when Papa and the girl from church started joking about the other times they played this and the funny times. It was really annoying. That’s when I started thinking, what if Papa is trying to replace me. Luckily we got to the theater then so I didn’t have to think about it for a while.
On the way home I got the front seat. But there wasn’t much that Papa and I could talk about seeing that we haven’t seen each other. Then we started talking about the beach trip the family was going on the next week. I started thinking, “ Ha, she’s not coming to the beach with us. That gives me a whole week to get my grandpa back!” Then I felt horrible for thinking such thoughts against this sweet girl. This girl that doesn’t even have a grandpa. Yeah, that’s probably why my grandpa was taking this girl to all this stuff, because he felt bad for her having no grandpa to do this stuff with.

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