three kids and a teacher

June 27, 2009
By CHAnelle GOLD, Cuyahgoa Falls, Ohio
CHAnelle GOLD, Cuyahgoa Falls, Ohio
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if at first you don't succeed try again

i couldn't take it not anther bit

it hurt so bad i bit my lip

i tried to understand why she did what she did
out of nowhere she started to act like a kid
the teacher sat and watched it all
she watched us talk
she watched us bawl
i tried to ask her why she lied
because what she said it made me so sad i cried
soon there were two left to talk
as you can see one of us decided they wanted to walk
i gave her my trust she took it bad
she tried to put back together but it was to late it was already plaid
i lost a piece of my heart in that little room today
the thing that surprised me was that im still ok
ill choose wiser next time i swear
ill give my heart to a friend i know will be there
thank god to the teacher who was there
who helped me up
who's always cares

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