i miss you

June 27, 2009
By CHAnelle GOLD, Cuyahgoa Falls, Ohio
CHAnelle GOLD, Cuyahgoa Falls, Ohio
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if at first you don't succeed try again

if i give you my word, will you keep it safe
will you go tell the world and leave with out a trace
if i trust you now, trust you today
Will you take me seriously or will you just want to play
I will tell you about me
And you will tell me about you
Just know that everything i tell you is purely true
I miss my mom
I miss my dad
I cant express who awfully bad
I didn't want to go, i didn't want to leave
I find myself wanting,waiting and wishing
That i was were you are in a boat fishing
I think about all children who lost parents at war
But i find i I've lost mine to the world and more
Please take the pain away
I want to see you again someday

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