In one second your life falls apart

June 27, 2009
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That stupid case worker Suzanne Madenne says that even if my grandma goes up there she wouldn't be able to take them from the state of Wisconsin because now my brothers are in the system. Yea, I know this sucks. Also this Suzanne lady says that my mom is in recovery from her mental break down and she might be able to get them back. I can't beleive this I don't think she will. I know it shows the little hope I have in her but this is the third time my brothers been tooken in custody. I never have because I live with my grandmother. How many times is my mom going to put us through this becuase all of this is making me have a whip flash. I don't know what to do I'm confused and this feel likes nothing can get any worse but it can. What about if she is not able to get them back. Then what? I wonder how my brothers are taking all of this. I wonder do they think that we don't care for them no more. My mom told me when she called that my younger brother Carvaye said,"That she doesn't care about us. She doesn't have no emotion no feelings." That's not true I think about them every second of my life. Wishing that instead of them that was going through all of this that it was me. I just hope that stuffs works out for the best.

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