lonely legacy

June 22, 2009
By SRP0930 BRONZE, Princeton, North Carolina
SRP0930 BRONZE, Princeton, North Carolina
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When i was in elementary school, i only had 1 friend. Her name was ashley*. Ashley was a cool friend at 1st, she could sing, she was pretty, and make you laugh no matter how you were feeling most people called her a legacy. Then we we got to the 5th grade, Ashley and i started to argue and she started to change. Instead of wanting to talk about singing and our favorite songs, she wanted to talk about boys and kissing and things that i just wasnt intrested in at the time. Soon she found i was to childish to be her friend but she kept me around as a prop like a study tool or someone that would let her cheat on a test off their paper. After a while i caught on to her little tricks and stoped hanging out with her. She still picked on me and talk about me. I told myself things were going to change and i knew where my life was going.

well now almost 3 years later Ashley is a under average, sad , boyfriendless, ugly and very lonely girl. And even though people try to help her we all doubt very seriously she is going to change. And the sad part is she just wanted to grow up to fast. sometimes i find myself wondering what my life would have been like if i would have changed for Ashley and i'm glad that i didn't. I feel sad for the lonely legacy.

* name has been changed

The author's comments:
100% true from my child hood.

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