Dear Commissioner

January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Dear Commissioner

This problem that is being addressed needs to be fixed by first helping the consumer and have penalties for the producer. The “the youth” or young consumers need other opportunities to keep them busy like more school and recreational activities. By not have these activities and other opportunities to keep them busy this is were the problems start.
The school could help by setting up more after school activities, but it does just have to be at the school. Other after school opportunities and clubs could be started to occupy the kids and keep they out of trouble.
Although they are not the only one to blame, the adults that provide the alcohol or drugs are just if not more wrong for providing the illegal substance to the kids. To many adults are doing this and there has to be harsher consequences for these people who keep suppling the youth.
Some penalties could be that they get the same treatment as a DUI such as some jail time and something on their record or their drivers license could be revolved for a period of time like six months. They could also not be allowed to alcohol for like six months.
No matter what extra activities the kids do or how the adults will be punished for supplying them. Something has to be changed to the stop this problem.

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