Justine Dorsey: What It's Like to Be a Child Star

July 2, 2009
By Justine Dorsey BRONZE, Hollywood, California
Justine Dorsey BRONZE, Hollywood, California
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ABC's "Brothers And Sisters" Star Takes The Music World By Storm With Her Youthful Sounds And Shares Her Experiences In A Grown-Up Industry

I may only be thirteen years old, but I can say I have accomplished more at my age than people twice my age. Working in such a grown-up world has given me the opportunity to adapt and learn from those I have worked with who have given me advice to keep a good head on my shoulders. I wanted to share my experiences with all of youwhether or not you would like to pursue a career in entertainment, what I have learned from such amazing people can be applied to any profession.

I currently have a reoccurring role on ABC's hit show "Brothers and Sisters," playing Rob Lowe's daughter, Sophie McCallister. My love of acting began at the age of five. It was then when my love of performing was set in motion. Being a young actress and singer in the industry has given me a backbone-it has taught me how to deal with rejection. You don't book everything you audition for. Acting is about doing your best in everything you do, and no matter if you get the part or not, if you tried your best then that is all that matters. I have just learned to deal with it and move on, which I think is one of the most helpful things it has done for me. A while ago, I was in the American Girl Revue at The Grove in Los Angeles, California, and our director, Mea, really inspired me. She has taught me to really get to know my characters, and give each one a background.

My music is currently really going great. Music is more of my passion while acting has been my hobby. Working in the studio is tiring, and I love it! I love spending hours in there just singing my heart out. Music is a wonderland for me, just waiting to be explored. It's ever-changing, so I discover all sorts of new things. My music is about relationships, but also about finding myself. At my age, I am trying to figure out who I am and how I fit in the world. A piece of advice I have been given that I have always taken to heart is to never mind what people think. When you are writing music, the person you are writing for tends to be yourself. If you don't like what you are singing, what good does that do? This goes the same for acting; if you are offered a role that you like, take it! If you feel it is too old for you or it does not fit you, then don't go out for the audition. No one will know so move on.
There is more to me than being an actress and singer. I also enjoy many things that any young girl does such as: reading, riding my bike, sailing, writing short stories and poetry, swimming, jumping on my trampoline, and dancing. If I did not become an actress/singer in the industry then I would want to be an author or be involved in fashion somehow because I love clothes! The piece of advice that I would like to leave those of you with who are trying to get into the industry is, although it is cliché, to follow your dreams, but also, get involved! Take acting lessons in your area, or, if you want to be a musician, take up an instrument. It is always great to know how to play something. It also makes writing music a lot easier. You can't just sit around and wait for something to happen. No matter what your dreams are, whether you are an aspiring actor, doctor, lawyer, or writer, your future lies in your hands.

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