January 6, 2009
By Anonymous

I was born in Philippines, In December 4, 1994 First we move in California because my Grandma Mattea want my parents to find a job because myDad retired the Army long time ago , and my mom only in the house cleaning and cooking, so we move in the California , it was summer that day so my uncle had party , they were drinking , singing , and me and my brother and sister we were just playing with my cousin and we were also practicing English and our cousin were teaching us English like How are you ? What’s up? How old are you ? Where do you live? And something like that.

Then in the next month we were going to school, I was really nervous about going to a new school like this, so went in the office to get registered, the principal was asking what’s are name and I didn’t answer because I was to shy, so my uncle answered it then later, I was in the classroom then everybody was looking me looking at me like I was ghost, then my teacher was asking me something and I didn’t understand what he said, so my cousin Luicel Was translating what my teacher is trying to say to me, then later we were having lunch then the lunch lady was staring at me and she was speaking different language to me and it was Spanish so she just give the food to me. Then I was setting in the middle of table and my mate said that if I understand what she said and he said that what she’s trying to say was are you new? So after my classmate were calling me if I want to play soccer and I said yes so were playing soccer and I wasn’t really good at it because it was my first time to play and them there like experts they kick really good and they run really fast and it was there favorite sport they said, then in the next week my mom, my older brother, and my unties were going to Alaska in Dutch Harbor they said that they found job their and my mom said so they can save money to buy clothes, food, and other things.

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