Forever Saying Hi

June 16, 2009
By Jasmine Thomas BRONZE, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Jasmine Thomas BRONZE, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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“Forever Saying Hi!”

We would never forget to say goodbye to this wonderful individual. She was witty lovely kind lady. She would always nice to people as a co-worker, friend, aunt, sister, mother, grandmother. And I will never forget the last moment as I saw grandma in that one last minute. She lied there in her bed looking at my trail of tears falling from my cheeks. I looked into hers still full with life that will never be lived. I was trying to smile so the pain could just vanish. I was holding her watching the tears fall from her eyes with her knowing this would be the last tear she ever shed. She lifted her head toward to my face, her saying to me in a weak but, soft voice “ By my granddaughter and thank for the smile.”

“ You are welcome,” I mumbled hardly able to speak a word.

“ Don’t cry everything will be alright, ” my grandma stated. And then her pulse began to beat slowly until she went numb. Just like me I felt numbness. All I could feel was my tears landing on my cheeks and the light chill breeze passing over me. I just sat there has my tears began pouring and pouring until I started to drown. Then I wake up still disappointed cause I never got to say goodbye to my grandma, or see the ear tears of joy knowing that she would be in peace. Still time after time it still get me that I never got that one last chance to see her take her last breath of life. But the last moment I seen her she wasn’t my grandma anymore. That my granny was now one of God’s Angels. Still sometimes it hurts that I never got to say goodbye. But now and forever to her roaming spirit. I always say. “Hi!”

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