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Finally, almost here, home stretch, don't look back, I want it to come sooner, but the sooner it comes the sooner it ends. No, it will never end I tell myself, although it will, and when that day comes the hot Maine sun on my back will fade, but you, you will never fade. Remember when we stayed up all night, doing nothing but listening to the trees and the moon? Of course you do, how about when I tried to hide from them, you know them? You do don't you? We stayed at the rock and laughed at them, the ones who thought they were better then us, but they had nobody, we had each other. All of us, the only ones who know what it feels like to truly give your heart to another person. You played with my hair and I stole your sweatshirt, you know the black one. I showed you what it was really like to laugh, to have no control, and to be free. Thats what life is about anyway, right? Listening to all these rules and guidelines, to find out that they don't mean anything in the end. What good is it to live with nothing to live for, thats what I always say anyway. I told you that one night, you laughed. But I knew that you committed it to memory, that one line. You say it to yourself at night, it makes that hole disappear for awhile. Enough so you can go to sleep, but when you wake its there again, and won't be mended for another week, when I see you again. Be patient love, it will be worth it. For you and I will sit at the rock again, you can play with my hair, its longer and lord is it curly, but its yours, so is my hear, my hope, my love. Love, what is that anyway. I'm not sure I know for sure, but I do know one thing, this excitement, this staying up all night, shaking in my boots, going out of my mind craziness, it feels kind of good.

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