June 14, 2009
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Some people say love does not matter. But it does. Love comes from the heart it is a big thing. It may take a moment to realize it but there is a reason we have love. We can give love away to other people but we don’t always get it back. I gave love this year. I gave all of it to Justin. He never gave it back. I felt empty after I realized he would never give it back. I sat up every night crying thinking why can he give some love to me. Then I found out he had none. He had no love to share. He loved other people and had none left for me. The problem was me. I took love from everyone else and gave it to him. Then he gave it right back to everyone else but me. Love hurts and I know it. I still love Justin. But I now know I love him to much. I’m a selfish jerk.

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Vellito E. said...
Jun. 23, 2009 at 7:55 pm
love will hurt love will pain the innocent but it will also lead one through life its ucontrolable and unpredictable but if one loves for the wrong reasons its not love its lust but you know love and learned love but dont give up hope for love will come your way its just a matter of time
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