June 13, 2009
By Anonymous

I’m fairly sure I’m invisible. How can I tell? That’s easy. When I talk no one listens. And I know that they’re not listening. You can just tell. Sure, they look at you, but there’s this distant glint in their eye that tells you that they’re not listening. And when they actually listen to you, they respond dumbly with a “What?”, “Huh?”, or “Say that again?” And then you have to say what you said again…and sometimes even one more time before they hear your words, when all you wanted to say was something trivial and insignificant like, “That sun is really bright.”

There aren’t a lot of folks in the world who know about invisible people. I, however, have uncovered the mysteries of the secret society “The Invisible Committee” and have scrounged a few facts from them, and am willing to share them with you.

Many people are invisible, they just don’t know it. There are a few symptoms that can indicate that you have the Invisible Curse.

1. When playing dodge ball in PE, no one tries to hit you. And I mean no one. The only time you get out is when they miss a popular person and they hit you instead.

2. No one exchanges common courtesies with you as you walk down the hallway. You wave at them, and they don’t see you.

3. The only attention you get is when the teacher calls on your or you get in trouble.

There are four different levels of Invisible.

1. Translucent- You’re not invisible because of others. You’re invisible by choice. Rather than hang out with the popular group, you have your small group of homies and you don’t dare separate from them.

2. Transparent- Now, this is the group you all know. Each school has one. If you are transparent, you are invisible because no one wants to notice you. And they don’t want to notice you because you’re not really like them. You’re typically into Dungeons and Dragons and all that totally awesome mythical stuff.

3. The Poltergeist- The Poltergeist is like code black in invisible terms. Just because you’re not noticed doesn’t mean the popular crowd is oblivious to your presence. If you’re a poltergeist, you’re often spoken to by them, usually their asking your questions on what your doing. Hopefully by now, you’ve realized that they’re making fun of you. They just do that to show others how “ridiculous” you are.

4. Non-existent- No one cares what you are if you’re non-existent. Everyone ignores you, and there’s nothing good about that. I’m truly sorry if you’re non-existent. L

Once diagnosed, there are several options:

1. Scream and shout and rip people’s hair out, demanding that they look at you. I highly discourage this method. If anything, that’ll make you more invisible, simply because others will force you into that state of being.

2. Take a less noticeable approach to the first option, like wearing something out of character. Open up a little more, and people (mainly popular) will say, “I really like your sweater.” However, the second after that, when you explain where you got that sweater, that far away glimmer in their eye returns, and you are once more invisible.

3. Do like I do. Accept it. If they don’t look at you, don’t bother trying to talk to them. They’ll just glance apathetically in your direction and then carry on a new conversation with their friends. If they ask “Huh?”, or “What?”, just smile slightly and say “Never mind.” Believe me, it’s much easier.

But don’t despair Invisibles. There are ways to cope with this horrible curse. Hey, there are even some up sides to being invisible.

1. Talk to your parents about it. Chances are, they’ve been stuck in the same place before; they’ll give you some tips, if not, comfort.

2. Hey, if classmates ignore you, more time to work and get things done, right? I never have any homework because no one bothers me and I can work without disruption.

3. You can focus on what you like to do best. If you like writing, or reading, or playing basketball, go for it. Practice practice practice. And when you get good, then people will start recognizing you and pay attention.

Being invisible sucks. That’s all there is to it. Although there are a few positive notes to it, it still hurts to be invisible. So, if you got nothing out of this, just remember that there are Invisibles out there. Keep your eye out for them, and when you see them, it’ll make their day.

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