My Birth Story!

June 12, 2009
By Zarqa Ansari BRONZE, New Haven, Connecticut
Zarqa Ansari BRONZE, New Haven, Connecticut
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On August 8, 1991 a beautiful girl was born. I was born in Bombay, India, one of the largest and glamorous cities of India. Where everybody’s in a rush; where no one has time for each other. Anyway, about my birth. It was in the middle of the night (around 2-2:30 in the morning) my mother went into labor. It was the happiest day for my family because I was the first child. So there was my mom in labor, trying her best to push me out. But it wasn’t that easy; I was being stubborn. I think my mother was in labor for at least two days. Finally, the doctor decided that he will perform an operation on my mother to get me out. She had a c-section. After two days of pain my mother finally felt relieved. I was born on a Thursday morning. My mother says I came out upside down, but I don’t believe her because she always brags about hard it was for her to deliver me. She always says I was the hardest one to deliver because I was upside down when I came out and also she had a c-section.

The nurse handed me to my mother all washed and wrapped up in a soft white cloth. To my mother I was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. The hospital room lit up with my smiles. My father was so happy because he couldn’t believe that he was a father of a girl now. I was the tallest baby of our family; (until my sister came) I was 23 inches tall and was 7.5 pounds. I had long curly black silky hair. I guess I really didn’t like my mom’s milk that’s why I only drank her milk for two months.

Since I was the first baby, I was a spoiled brat. I got everything I wanted; appropriate or not appropriate, everything. My mom says I was much closer to my dad than I was to her. That’s because most of the time my dad fulfilled all my needs. According to my mom I was a trouble maker, but I think I wasn’t. I think my mother just tells me that because these days I don’ really listen to her. Most of the time I do what I want to do. So I always tell her, “No, I wasn’t. I bet I was sweet as an angel.” My mom always tells us how I used to wake my dad up at three in the morning and tell him to take me outside on a ride or get me some candy. I mean come on now; you know you used to do that too. I had my favorite pillow of a cute little bear on it, which says I Love You. I still have it, but it’s my sister’s now. I used to walk around the whole house with that pillow in one hand and my milk bottle in another. I went from my bedroom to the living room where my grandfather would sit (since we lived in a joint-family) and write his songs. I ran in the entire house with my pillow and milk bottle. Every room of the house was like my bedroom to me. Yes even the bathroom. When I ever I use to feel sleepy; I would just lay down, (no matter where I was) with my pillow and would just go to sleep with my milk bottle in my mouth. But it’s a different story now. As a teenager I forget all my things. I don’t carry everything I need; instead I have somebody carry it for me.

Basically, I was pampered a lot and spoiled by my parents. So it’s not my fault at all if I am spoiled or conceited as a teenager. It’s all my parents’ fault. I wish I could just go back in time and relive my childhood again. I want to change some things that happened when I was little. Things like convincing my parents in not having another child. I want to change the way I was raised; I want to be more spoiled. I miss all the things we did together without my brother. I wish I could all those things again. I want to live and be raised again without my brother and my sister. This I could get my parents full attention. I am glad I was born in my family and I am grateful for that. I love my family and they love me!

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