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June 11, 2009
By Lauren Antone BRONZE, Central Square, New York
Lauren Antone BRONZE, Central Square, New York
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Have you ever owned an object that was very sentimental? It would be just an ordinary item for some. Though for you, it is a representation of something that means much more. It could remind you of a friend, a moment in time, or a place you might have visited. My valued piece is linked to my great-grandmother. I didn’t know her very well. I was little when I met her, so I can’t quite remember. Soon after my sister was born she passed away.

An object that lies close to my heart would be my locket. My mother had given it to my great-grandmother as a present. After she had passed on, my mother’s mother (my grandmother) found it among her belongings. Grandma gave it back to my mom for safe keeping.

I needed a necklace for a Christmas picture that was to be taken. After that, it would just always be mine. Or so I thought. I thought it was the loveliest necklace I had ever seen in my life. It looked so delicate and graceful. It shone brightly in the light when I moved it. I wanted it at once. Though, my mother wasn’t in agreement at first.
”No,” she said. “I can’t risk you losing it.” After all, she was the one who gave it to her grandmother. I begged and pleaded to keep the necklace.

“Please!” I whined. “It will stay around my neck at all times!” I promised that I would be so careful with it. I wouldn’t bring it any harm. At last, my mom decided to pass it on to me.

I was so excited. I immediately cut out my parent’s pictures. I put them in the small picture frame inside and draped it around my neck. It was in the shape of a heart. The color was gold with soft pink flowers crawling around it. The chain was also gold. It felt smooth around my neck and it swayed as I walked.

I wore this necklace everywhere. It didn’t matter to me whether it matched my outfit at all. It was comforting when it was there. If I was ever scared or lonely, I could open it to see my parents. Like a life preserver, it was always there when I needed it. I was the oldest child, so I had no one to really look up to. It was hard for me to turn to my younger sister. She was just too little and didn’t understand much. I had to go through most things by myself. The locket definitely made it easier. I felt secure when I wore it and more relaxed.

My parents often worked long hours and they needed someone to baby sit me during the day. It was just my sister and I at someone else’s house with nothing much to do. The guardian for us had three children. Although one was too old and the other two often had chores or homework to finish. This left my sister and me to occupy ourselves. My locket kept me from being lonely. Knowing my parents were still there was always helpful. I knew that whenever I needed to, I could always look inside to see their faces.

I can remember when I walked into the family room one time. The other kids were watching a scary movie. After watching a few scenes with them, I was so frightened, I nearly cried. I ran into the other room gasping for air. The blood on the dying man looked so real and so did the giant rats in the sewer. At the age of three, I still thought that there was a major possibility that monsters could live under your beds. I couldn’t understand why they would watch a movie like that for fun. To keep from crying, I quick took a peak into my locket and suddenly felt much better. Phew, I thought, my parents are still here. I knew then that I didn’t have to worry anymore because everything was going to be alright.

Now that I’m older now, I don’t need it so much anymore. I keep it hung in a jewelry box for safekeeping. These days, I only use it for its prettiness rather than the security it used to bring me. Although whenever I require my locket, it’s always there. It will always remain close to my heart.

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