Last Day of School 08-09

June 11, 2009
By Kenziieee BRONZE, Sterling Heights, Michigan
Kenziieee BRONZE, Sterling Heights, Michigan
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The last day of school. When you say good-bye to your friends. When I walked in school, I looked around to get the last glimpse of the school before summer break started. My friend Mariah walked up to me, and gave me a huge hug (she is moving to Spain). All of my eighth grade friends are moving off to the big house, high school. I will miss them terribly.

By the time I got to first hour, many people were hugging me, and asking me to get a picture. I would smile for the camera, but the smile was fake. I would miss everyone, and I promised myself not to cry, especially not in school. Ha, I will never forget my friends, Michael and Johnny. Yeah, they were jocks. But they were funny. Whipping a ball at each other in first hour. (I got it on video XD)

Second hour came. Signing year book was fun and all, but it was hard to write good-byes, especially when you have to say it. My band teacher, he gave a long speech about moving on in life, and learning and experiencing new things. He played a sad song for us to remember life, and learning all about it.

Third hour. Many camera flashes. Many tears being shed. My friend Ashlynn and I, played on the computer, and I showed her a piano website. I played her 'Unfaithful', and people crowded around me amazed. I was shy at first but, I didn't know people would like to hear me play that much. Even my science teacher hummed along.

Fourth hour. My eighth grade friends were outside, and I chatted with them through a window. I know you must think 'How?'. Quite simple actually. SIGNS! I wrote with marker on paper, and showed signs to them! Smart. I know. I came up with the idea.

Fifth hour. Was, rather boring actually. We played Pictionary. It was fun, kinda. Girls beat the boys. Yay! I took pictures of my friends, and looked at the yearbook. Laughing and smiling at pictures withy my friends.

Sixth hour. HA HA. Funniest hour of the day. Our class watched ESPN bloopers! It was hilarious. Basketball, Lacrosse, Hockey, Horse races! So funny. We got to leave early too. Usually we get out at 11:12, but we got out at 11:08. Pretty strange but, eh.

The bus ride home was depressing. Before getting on the bus, I gazed over at my crush, who was looking and smiling at me. I was blushing badly. I didn't get to meet him this year, nor sign his yearbook. Oh well. Its fun to see a year of school go by. You gain something, and loose something.

Memories, we will never forget from this year. Friendships may change, or last. Knowledge, we sorta loose, he he. But this year was the best year. Ever.

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