Some Unexpected Visistors

June 11, 2009
By sammy535 BRONZE, Roma, Texas
sammy535 BRONZE, Roma, Texas
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"C'mon, C'mon!" my mom shouted,"Hurry up!"
"I'm going!" I shouted back. This was total chaos and it was all thanks to my nephew, who was, in about a few hours, going to be born. The only bad thing was that he was 8 hours away from us in Dallas. We had to get there fast, of course by following the speed limit, but we were bound to break a few rules here and there. Before we knew it, we were all in the car and ready to go.
"Step on it!" my mom told my dad commandingly. He did what she said, since, after all, according to her, she is the boss. She wants everything done her way, though if anything goes wrong or we get lost, she is always prepared for it.
My dad was struggling to find the fastest route to Dallas. Although we had been to Dallas many times before, we had to be there in record time. Thankfully my mom had planned everything the night before (I don't know how she does it, but her motherly senses must have kicked in, because we had no idea my sister was going into labor today).
It was 3:00 a.m., and everything was going smoothly. We had figured that most of the night officers had gone to get coffee and doughnuts, just to lighten up until their shift ends. Unfortunately for us, one smarty pants officer had gone earlier and had stayed on the prowl for people exceeding the speed limit.
We immediately heard the loud sirens wailing on us from behind.
"Excuse me sir," the officer said sternly,"You were going 60 mph in a 50 mph zone".
"Sorry officer," my dad said sympathetically,"But my daughter is going into labor and we need to get to Dalls immediately!"
The officer looked in the back row only to see me half-asleep with a glob of drool running down the side of my mouth. He then stared at my parents, perplexed, and what looked like rage.
"Oh no, not her!" my mom quickly added.
The officer gave a nod of relief and luckily just gave us a warning. We continued on and hoped we don't encounter any more mishaps.
A few hours later we arrived at the hospital and were very eager to meet the newest member of our family. Fortunately for us, again, nothing happened yet. My dad and I went to the waiting room, while my mom went to my sister's room.
"He will be out by 10 a.m.," my dad told me, very confident of his answer. That was only two hours, but if I know my sister, and now her baby, they are bound to surprise us. So i just rolled my eyes and went to watch tv.
5 hours then passed by and my dad changed his prediction to 3 p.m. . Just then my mom came into the waiting room. Her news was as much as a drag as our excitement levels.
6 hours later, the doctor came in and told us that the baby wasn't due until at least a week more. As he released my sister we sat down with disappointed faces and were getting ready to leave. However, the boss of the house, mom, was too tired to go back home, even though she wasn't the one driving.
We ended up staying at my sister's house for the night and left early in the marning. We were all out of it and not in such a hurry to get home fast. Just then as we entered the outskirts of Waco, my mom recieved a call from my sister's husband. I could hear voices of excitement through the speaker and by the look on my mom's face, it was something good.
"Turn back!" my mom shouted, "She is having her baby!"
My dad did a quick U-turn and headed back. Luckily, we were only about 20 minutes away from the hospital. Soon enough we had gotten there and ran to the delivery room. There i saw a handsome baby boy, which i was super proud to call my nephew. I went close and closer, trying to see if I could hold him, but I never got the chance. However, when my mom wanted to get a family picture, I got especially close, and when I did, he got one of my fingers and held it tightly. I smiled to him and then to the camera. At that exact moment, I knew he was going to be a handful.
Exactly one year later, my mom recieved a call from my sister.
"Phew, mom!" she said sounding extremely exhausted, as I heard screaming in the backround, "This is hard! I'm never having a baby again!"
My mom gave a light chuckle and continued chit-chatting motherly advice to my sister. I could still hear screaming and whining in the background. I too, gave myself a quick laugh. If he was as hard to handle as my sister said he was, I'm sure she wouldn't dare have another baby. Though, you can never be too sure.
2 weeks later, the phone rang again. My mom answered it, as always, and surprise ,surprise, it was my sister.
"Mommy?" she asked sweetly," How do you feel about being a grandma one last time?"
She then gave me a funny look and a grin.
"Oh brother!" I thought to myself, "Not another one!" I giggled a little and then wondered how this little unexpected visitor will surprise us this time.

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