June 5, 2009
As he looked at me, I blushed in my mind. I looked down quickly as if I was afraid to smile at him. Afraid to think of him, afraid to identify myself as intrested. He looked away quickly, unattatched to his glance. As the class went on i found myself looking at the back of his head.I was disappointed in myself.

Later on that day in the halls, I saw him.I smiled and said hello, but he didn't even look at me. I came to think he was never interested. I was just in the way of what he came to look at. I never thought I was beautiful. I always thought of myself as average. So when he looked at me I thought no one as fine and handsome as him would even dare to glance in my direction.

I never thought he was interested in me.

Until the day in english,when we were partnered up for a partner project when he said," When I looked at you, it was beacuse I wanted you to say something; anything so I could know you better, explore your would, and venture our love."I was a big suprise to me that he brought up the word"LOVE" because we didn't even no him except he was to popular,and out of my leauge.

Thats the day we ventured on with our "Love" he would say.

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renthead101 said...
Jun. 13, 2010 at 3:15 pm
this is great!
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