June 4, 2009
By Vonnie BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Vonnie BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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“Who shook up the pop?” Toni screamed behind the refrigerator door. No one liked the taste of “flat” pop, but we manage to swallow the non-carbonated soda down if it came to being thirsty. Toni on the other hand couldn’t stand when the pop get shook up by any means.
Kardan gasp and turned toward me right after he heard the anger in his mother’s voice.
“What did you do?” I asked after I seen the fear beating through his t-shirt. As his eyes widen and his 8 year-old voice began to weaken, he leaned over to my ear.
“I dropped the pop when I was getting something to drink.” He whispered

“You better tell her that.” I sternly stated with a bit of a giggle. You could see Kardan’s legs trembling and his hands started to cry sweat.
At this time Toni had already traveled to each room complaining. She was about to approach the room Kardan and I sat with a creased forehead. Kardan ran to his mother with open arms and a nervous smile.

“Mommy I dropped the pop after I got a cup….” Kardan innocent voice spoke upward.

“Go sit down…next time you want something to drink….ask someone….Okay?” Toni emotionless tone spoke back to Kardan. I sat in the corner and laugh the entire scene.

Around dinner, after everyone cleared their plate and cleaned their face, Kardan begged his father for a cup of juice.

“Go pour your own glass Kardan.” Kardan’s father annoyingly.

“”Mommy told me that I can’t get a cup by myself no more because I shook it up…” Tears filled his eyes as the whole family laughed at him.

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