June 4, 2009
By Anonymous

“Are you alright, are you alright?” I awoke to this repetition in conjunction with a beaming light piercing through my eyes. It was then I realized, I was lucky to be alive.

It was a late night after my brother’s soccer game and we were on our way home. In the car was my brother, his two soccer friends, our driver, and myself. We were taking the highway back home because it was much faster than the side streets. Since it was late, there were wreck-less drivers trying to get home from work and an increase of drunk drivers. There was a car to the left of us speeding and he did not see the car slowing down to a stop in front of him. We were in the middle lane and to the right of us a car was trying to speed up. It happened in a split second, a blink of an eye and a stop of the heart. The car to the left of us bashed into our side, pushing us into the next lane just swiping the tail end of the car trying to pass us. Spinning sideways, with smoke and debris flying everywhere, we were sent into the wall. My head hit the side panel and I was knocked unconscious. I only remember waking up in the hospital to find out my brother was able to rush me over there in time to save my life. If it were not for my brother who knows what would have happened to me. His two friends sustained minor injuries, such as bruises and cuts. The car was wrecked though and one of the drivers speed off, but our driver was still able to catch the license plate number. My near death experience has taught me that you do not know the day nor the hour that death might greet you. I now live life to its fullest and do not pass up the opportunities to do anything that comes my way. Fortunately, my brother and his friends were not badly injured or who knows what might have happened if I did not make it to the hospital in time.

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