These have I loved

June 4, 2009
By Anonymous

I have never been in a huge and beautiful campus like Culver before. And from my four years experience, I have many things that I will share with my friends in the future. These have I loved:
The mixed smell of grass and horse cr*p—Culver has lots of lawn in the campus and of course the horses for troop. When we are walking by the horse barn, the mixed smell is not pleasant but special for me to remember. Castle like buildings—not many high schools are as old as Culver, and since Culver has such long history, the buildings are very classic, which I find enjoying watching them. Blue uniform cadets waling on pathway—our military uniform makes everyone looks the same no matter who you are, and seeing everybody being the same, working for a same goal, is an interesting memory that I would never forget.
Foggy lake, Red leaves—there is a lake sits right beside our campus, and we will see the lake being foggy in fall and spring, and the beautiful red leaves in fall. It is just so relax sitting beside the lake and watching the campus. People escaping from the rain, Water splash on their pants, All wet—Indiana’s weather gets bad frequently, and we only have hats when it’s raining, so we would run as fast as we could back to our rooms. And as we run faster, the water on the ground splash on our pants. When we get back to our room, we would be all wet.
Culver days are almost the same, so all of those have I loved are the typical Culver days that I will remember, and will talk about when I get together with my Culver friends. The beautiful campus, the weather, and the people are things I love.

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