Tresure Memories

June 3, 2009

This Friday I woke up feeling all good I thought it was going to be a good day, for starters it was. At school, I had a good day but after school was done I heard from one of my friends that our friend was shot and killed. I stopped and I said “NO YOU’RE PLAYING AROUND RIGHT”! YOU’VE DONE THIS A LOT DON’T TRIP SERIOUS! She was crying and said yeah, I was sad but I didn’t cry tears wouldn’t come out, because I had a lot of anger inside of me, I couldn’t believed three of my friends got killed this year. I couldn’t talk I was screaming inside my head. I didn’t want my mom to hear me mad so I left. I was calling a couple of friends, well we all know why he got shot, he was in a gang. What you get into you can’t get out, I was sad all day. But then again I heard another of my friends got shot in Salem and got killed, I just couldn’t do anything about it. I called his cousins friend and he said yeah he died, he couldn’t talk either. I know he wanted to cry but he couldn’t. I got so many questions I know their consequences, when you do something but why? Like I said I don’t like going to memorials. I do go because I want to show my last respect but it also hurts a lot watching some one in a casket. My uncle died yeah I know, I do miss him a lot he was everything to me, he watched me grow a lot, but know that I want to graduate middle school I cant do it I know is worth a try but I cant let go of just sitting down praying in my head to see him again for just a little bit, I want to go visit him in the cemetery but he is not hear in Oregon. It does hurt so much, I got to let go I do want to graduate. Because he said he would be proud of me, but now I don’t know if he will once he can’t be hear. My brother almost got killed. He almost killed too, but he didn’t he’s in jail, the one thing I don’t want to happen is him getting killed inside there. My friends both of them get berried today June 1, 2009. I don’t want to see their mothers crying because I know it feels like some one killed part of you too. I saw their moms cry a lot, of coerce she would, she gave him life know that fast his life was taken away. People in life have two choices, either do well or choose the bad. I’m in between. I have my reasons though. Well that’s how life is, things happen for a reason know tomorrow am going with friends that also knew him. I wish that never happened, I wish I wouldn’t have to go, I wish his mom and family wouldn’t feel all that pain, I wish he wouldn’t even met us and the gang, he was a good friend deep inside I feel pain but I don’t show it, and I don’t want to but that’s just how it is, I hope he rest in peace know, and I wish the best for his family. That wasn’t the answer their death wasn’t meant to be they chose their future but they never should’ve done this, gangs leave to bad things killing, arrested, drugs, alcohol, see all those bad stuff? Yeah they had their future but they just didn’t choose the right things. Much love and respect to the one that past away.

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