June 3, 2009
By Anonymous

This last summer I got into a really bad car accident with 2 of my best friends and a friend of theirs that I really didn’t know all that well.
It was about July and I had plans for three months to go with my friend Beth to paddle fish days and stay at her house with her for that whole week, and that’s exactly what I did. The first night of paddle fish days they had a dance for teenagers at the fire house and we went, it was Beth, I, and her boyfriend Cody and when we got there they introduced me to their friend Robert and after that we all started to hang out all together that night. Well the next day for paddle fish days the community was planning a Beach party/cookout and I didn’t have a swim suit with or money for it so I called my mom and told her I was coming home to get both of those things and she said ok but she wasn’t going to be there and that she was going to the casino an she said she couldn’t give me any money.
After she told me that I said something really mean to her, I said I hope she would get into a car accident and just die and I hung up on her and we all got into Cody’s truck and started to drive to Mankato. Cody was driving and Robert was in the passenger seat, and Beth and I were in the back and on both sides of Beth and I was baseball bats and there were more even in the front of us. Well we didn’t make it to Mankato and we actually didn’t make it out of Madison lake, when we turned away from Beth’s house and went down this curvy street there was a Van stopped and Cody wasn’t watching were he was going and before he could stop he hit the van. We weren’t wearing seat belts so Roberts and Cody’s heads both smacked into the windshield and Beth’s and I bumped heads the hit the baseball bats in front of us and on the sides and then I smacked my head on the back windshield, after that I was Knocked out.
Someone eventually called the police and then informed our guardians on what was going on, my sister Dana got the call from the cops and she rushed to the accident scene but when she got there they wouldn’t let her near me or the accident. Dana even screamed to let her in but the police just wouldn’t let her, she watched the paramedics try and take me out of the vehicle and as she did that she cried. After the paramedics got me in the ambulance Dana called my mom and told her about the accident, my mom thought she was joking around but then Dana freaked out and at that moment my mother finally knew that my sister was telling the truth so then my mom rushed right to the hospital. When I was in the ambulance I was riding with Robert and I didn’t know what happened so I kept asking and I kept asking Robert who he was.
As Soon as my mother got to the hospital she saw Dana in the waiting room crying and when she saw the tears she thought that I was gone but then the doctor came out and asked if she wanted to see me, she said yes of course. When my mother stepped into my room I was in bad shape, I had a black eye, my head was bleeding, and my lip was cut opened. My mom tried talking to me but it didn’t work because all I did was mumble things and scream and then the doctor came in an asked if I have been drinking and as soon as my mom could reply she screamed, she told him I wasn’t drunk and I was acting this way because I just got in a car accident and I had a head injury. The hospital told my mom that I had to be there for 3 hours so they could run some more test, so she did and by that time my whole family was there waiting to see if I was ok. Robert had a busted lip and Cody had a scratch on his eye and Beth had a fractured eye socket but they all got to go home and they all went partying that same night.
Eventually I got to go home but I had to have people carry me to and out of the car, when I got home my mom laid me on the couch and covered me up but that didn’t last long because I got up. When I got up I didn’t know anything, I didn’t know who I was, why I was here, but the saddest thing is I didn’t even know who my own mother was. I kept asking so many questions and I started to seem like I was crazy, I made my mom cry and she almost sent me to the mental institution. She finally called the doctor to see how long this would last and he said it would only last a day or two maybe, but I wouldn’t remember anything for at least a month. Well I slept for 3 days straight then finally I work up and I didn’t seem to be in pain except for my back, I Went to the bathroom and saw how banged up I actually I was and trust me it was pretty bad.
The left side of my head had a big bandage on it and you could see the blood seeking through, my bottom lip was completely black and blue and also my right eye had a big gash in it. I still didn’t remember anything after a couple of weeks but everything was healing and my family all told me what had happened and I was shocked because it was all new to me. Well it has been almost 11 months and I can’t remember anything still and I can hardly remember anything before the accident, it really does hurt because I would like to remember everything that did happen before the accident. It feels like I lost a part of my life and that I can never get it back but I am living my life to the fullest now and I always make sure I am safe when I get in a vehicle.

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