The Kite boarder

June 1, 2009
By Anonymous

6th hour
Personal Narrative

The Kite Boarder

I can almost feel the scorching hot sand nestled between my toes. The loud screech of seagulls filled the bright, clear skies. Finally the time had come, after weeks and weeks of waiting, of what felt like years, that I completely finished my kite boarding lesson during the breezy months of summer.

Fierce twenty mph winds collided into my face, a perfect day for the job. Putting on all my equipment that included my wet suit, harness, helmet, and impact vest, it felt like I was carrying around bags of bricks. Grasping my kite, I hooked it on to my harness, and headed straight for the huge body of water, Lake Michigan, reflecting the sunlights glare, making it almost blinding to look at.

I flew my kite straight above my head, watching it soar gently in the wind. Already I had an idea about what I was supposed to do because of all the lectures my instructor passed on to me, so that every little step was permanently attached to my mind. Here we go, I thought. Slowly I stepped into the dense water, surprised at the cold temperatures, that felt like icicles were shooting up my spine. While sliding my bare feet into the straps of my board I kept my kite at twelve o'clock like I was told.

Once I was ready I dove my kite down as excitement filled up inside me, so that it was almost

unbarring. All of a sudden I slowly crept up on my board jetting sideways, realizing that I was actually kite boarding. It was the best feeling I ever experienced. White caps were surrounding my every move, as the waves crashed angrily on all sides of me. As the day went on I progressively became better with every minute that passed. When the wind started to die down I walked heavily towards shore from exhaustion onto the soft, white sand. Then at that very moment I new that I would remember this precious day for the rest of my life.

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