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June 1, 2009
I was brought into this world on Valentine’s Day. She is still baffled by the fact that 85% of the population hates the holiday of romance. Born in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, I learned at an early age to appreciate the city. I moved when I was eight to a remote town called Rubicon and currently live in a large 150 year old Victorian farm house at least 20 miles away from the nearest town.

I am ravenous for reading books. Stephen King, Chuck Palahniuk, and Hunter S. Thompson are just a few of my favorite authors. Reading helps me develop my vocabulary and avoid having to write anything of my own. Sure, I can pound out an essay for a class, but having to actually create a storyline with actual characters! I’d rather shave Peter Griffen’s back. I have a different way of portraying a story. Give me a paintbrush and some bright paint and let me loose. I will create anything that comes to my outrageous mind. I incorporate my outspoken and passionate personality into whatever I feels like creating that day. I knows that I am in the word create and I would appreciate if people would stop making a fool of themselves and pointing it out to me. Do they think I'm incompetent?

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