June 1, 2009
By ootfrayoopslay GOLD, Rubicon, Wisconsin
ootfrayoopslay GOLD, Rubicon, Wisconsin
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The smell of freshly brewed coffee and steamed milk makes me fiend for a sip. I quickly run to the back of the store to get my apron. I wash my hands and get to work at the espresso bar. After burning my fingertips from the porta-filter, I find a bottle of burn lotion and sigh with relief as I apply it to my injured hand. The espresso grinder purrs as it crushes the beans into the porta-filter. I yank the porta-filter off the grinder and attach it to the espresso bar. I inhale the aroma of the espresso grinds being pulled into shots. I pour the steaming shots and the frothy milk to the drink. The look on the customer’s face after they get a whiff of their steaming fresh Latte is enough to make me beam. They don’t need to say this is the finest latte they’ve had. I can tell by their shut eyes and sounds of approval.

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