Crazy Daisy

June 1, 2009
By Sam DeLi BRONZE, Easton, Connecticut
Sam DeLi BRONZE, Easton, Connecticut
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Crazy Daisy

On November 3rd 2007 my life changed. That was the day I would finally get my dog I’ve always wanted. We drove to Pennsylvania on a chilly morning and arrived at a rest station to meet our new family member. My sister and I walked through the door and saw a little puppy with brown and black fur sitting very quietly on the rusty floor. A huge smile spread across my face, I was so excited. We knew right when we saw her what her name would be. My family all agreed on name the tiny puppy Daisy because she was as small and cute as one. She has the best personality anyone could imagine a dog could have. Daisy is the most adorable puppy out of all. Plus she eats a variety of different chow.

My opinion is that Daisy is the best behaved dog I’ve ever met. She has the best personality. For example every time I come home from school she is always hoping all around me like a kangaroo. Daisy also shows a lot of emotion. For instance, when I go upstairs to my room and I come back down several minutes later she is overjoyed to see me, and acts like I’ve been away all day. She also shows her emotion by barking at anything she sees. If someone is taking a morning stroll, she will go crazy and bark like there’s no tomorrow. She loves playing. Daisy and I love playing fetch together in the backyard . She gets the idea of chasing the ball and catching it, but she always keeps the ball to herself and never gives it back. Daisy also loves playing tug-a-war. She will chew on anything she can bite and keep tugging until she gets it. She will even pull on your pants and rip a few holes, but I get used to it. In conclusion Daisy is the most playful dog who has the best personality.

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