Construction and Disappearance

May 29, 2009
By Alberto Mares BRONZE, Yuma, Arizona
Alberto Mares BRONZE, Yuma, Arizona
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Construction and disappearance

In the neighborhood where I currently live at, there is a house.
Normally all of the houses would look similar but not this, no definitely not this house it had a great distinction that separated itself from the rest. It was devoid of many things, any sign of presence was one those things that was not there. Also, the shingles were tainted and the door was chipping. What was even more peculiar was the fact that the backyard had this sickening eerie look; the sight was very bloodcurdling indeed. It was as if it was calling you no matter how much you wanted to stay away. Adding to my curiosity, a strange dog with brownish ears was always found in that very same backyard; as you walked along side the house you would always catch at least a slim glimpse of him.

As you probably already imagine this was obviously not the way a normal dog should act, especially since there was no inhabitance living in the house that would care for the dog. No matter what part of the day it was the dog would always be there; it wouldn’t matter if it was blazing hot or if it was freezing cold outside. Not only that but the lawn had this very bizarre form; it was not trimmed it was disheveled to the point where it looked like a miniature forest. I could not fathom the reason of why the dog was so fond of it. Every single day from dawn until dusk that dog would always be either sleeping, or standing a very bold manner as if he was protecting something. What was a real head scratcher was the fact that there were no sales going about, no posters, no signs, no nothing, just a very horrific look with a great dissimilarity from the rest of the houses. Per Diem I would take a little detour to my house on my walk home from school and scrutinize the appearance and presence of the mysterious dog.

As I was about to lose total interest in the house something very odd and fascinating happened. Each day I would spot a brick and then the next day another brick and this continued for quite sometime until the height of the wall of new bricks was at least twice the size of the dog. This action invoked suspicion and suspense inside me. The desire to know was very overwhelming as well as frustrating. Finally, a day came that my emotions intervened with my better judgment; I had decided to take a closer look. I hoped on my bicycle and circled the house leading to the backyard.

This decision had cost me a good night’s sleep. When I turned the corner I saw the brick wall stained with blood, it was a smattering of red right there in front of me. Right at that very moment I had realized that I had made a big mistake; I had forgotten about the dog. I turned to my right and what I saw was not natural, it was anger wrapped with frustration along with no tolerance. I saw this approaching stare of bloodshot eyes with razor sharp teeth. I just kind of stood there, paralyzed with a horrific stare. Suddenly I felt a devastating jolt of sharp pain in my neck and spine. Not only that, but it was as if someone else was talking to me saying in a very shrill voice” get out of there now”. It was at that very moment that I sprinted to my bike with death right behind me, and closing fast. It felt like my heart was in my throat. The penetrating voice in my head encouraged me to go faster.

I thankfully accelerated greatly as soon as I was on my bike. I tried not to look back, but I again was overpowered by my natural curiosity. I looked back and saw that the dog was standing next to the entrance of the backyard, just giving me this truly terrifying glare straight at me. When I got home my dangerous way of thinking had some how gotten me back to the house. I had arrived and leaned over to get a good look, prepared to make a full force escape. The dog was not there. I then found out that the red substance was paint to decorate the newly built cabin, which I had barely noticed. To this day I don’t know who or what made the cabin, but it had driven the dog and nature out.

The author's comments:
When this actually had happened i was scared to death and i have now introduced it with a theme now, hope that you enjoy it.

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