12 not 21

May 28, 2009
Ok, so I'm 12, at a big fancy resturant with my parents, and people from my dad's work. I sit with these guys that are hilarious, some coligues of Pops.
The waiter comes to start takiing drink orders (alcohol of course). The guy next to me, Bob, orders somethin'. And then Bob asks if it'll be "the same for you?" jokingly. So of course i say, absolutly. The waiter writes down my suposed "order". But i blow it off figuring that i'll get a virgin somethin' somethin'. The drinks come, and the waiter sets an empty martini glass in front of me. Ha Ha. Then he pours a martini in it. Not so Ha Ha. I stare at it like it's some sort of alien creature, while it spreads down the table that the bosses daughter just got a martini. I am looked at in astonishment, then laughed at. It is pretty stinkin hilarious. Another dude, Tom, drinks it for me. Then the waiter comes back and asks me if i would like another. "Uh, no thanks," i say. Tom says, "Yeah, she won't be able to get home on her bike if she has another,".

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SheilaZyra said...
Jun. 23, 2009 at 1:03 am
That's funny!
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