Truly Madly Deeply

May 27, 2009
By XxJohnHxX GOLD, Wheaton, Minnesota
XxJohnHxX GOLD, Wheaton, Minnesota
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One day, a guy decided he was sick of his school, and decided to go to the one his mom works at as a cook. He wasnt rele happy about changing, cause he figured it would be the same as his old school. Everybody would make fun of him and make his life h*ll. It was that way scince grade school, and to this day hasn't quite stoped, but now he has the ability to forgive and forget. Anyway, he goes to this school along with his two sisters. He finds out its really nice there! He's shy the first day but one girl stands out among the crowd. And mind you this was the fist day, so, an imedate friend helped. He started to like this girl for awhile. Life went on in the school for about 3 weeks or so, till he finally decided to ask this girl out, only to get a reply saying she is sorry, but she has a boyfriend, which intern led him to the discovery of the boyfriend he'd never noticed before. So, he gave up that choice, went on with his school and such. Then came the next girl, this one dated him for a week, till she told him she missed being single, so he broke it off. No sence in dating someone who didnt even wanna date him.....till later. So, life passed by, slow as ever, boring and uneventfull, him being lonly still. He tried hard to hide his feelings, he was pretty good at it too. He was verry shy usually, everybody thought he was dumb. Although, unknown to everyone in his class, he was probly smarter than them. He gave up trying for awhile. Then one day, him and some of his few friends were tlking, and he noticed this one girl standing in the group, he stared at her for a few seconds, then she looked back at him, she smiled and he was speechless at the beauty of this girl, though no one else may have seen it, he saw the true beauty of this girl. All he could muster up was a "hello, who might you be?" or somthing like that. He was wondering just that too. Who was she, this random girl, who stood out amonst everybody he had ever met with such a force? She looked just like him, alone and sad. But she always acted happy. ALWAYS. The conversation was over within minutes, stopped by the sound of the bell. He stared as she walked away, suddenly feeling lighter and happier, he didnt know what it was at first, he couldn't understand the feeling, but after, he didnt see her again. So, he found this one girl he thought he would maby like to date. He asked and she accepted at first. They also dated for about a week, till she told him she was afraid of being cought, because she would be in BIG trouble. He understood, it was fine to him, he was used to it. One day, this guy and his two sisters went to the school dance. It didnt look that fun, though it was a Halloween costume dance, so he tried to enjoy his time. He wandered around, watching people dance, skimming through the crowd till he stopped. He was suddenly pertified. There she was! Over in a group of friends including the last girl he had dated, all together, even though he didnt know her. He was stunned, and couldnt stop staring. He didnt know what to do, till his sisters called him to come with them over to the group. So he followed, scared and a little shy, he didnt really ever dance. So, he just stood there, not knowing what to say, staring at the girl. He had slow danced with a few girls already at this dance, and had asked them easily, but this girl, he couldnt ask. Shyness crept over him, till she said hi, he suddenly was alert to his surroundings, he had drifted away in her eyes. He said hi back and they started talking a little, till the next slow song had come up. It was "Tim Mcgraw" by Taylor Swift. He got up the courage to ask her to dance. She accepted to his delight! So they were dancing, and she was so cute, silently singing to her self. He was lost in the moment! But it passed too quickly, and that was the last slow dance for the night. They soon spilt and left to go home. Within a few days time, he had met up with her, talked to her for a long while, and asked her out. She said yes. He couldnt beleive it, but he was still worried it might turn out like every other relationship he'd been in. He was also hopefull at the same time. All the rest of that day, he was so happy, he couldnt wait to see her, and cringed at every moment they were apart. When the day ended, they parted with a quick hug, and left for home, that night, when everyone else was upstairs and he was all alone, he thought of her and how things had changed, and for the first time in 8 years, he cried. These were not bad tears, no, these were the first of his happy tears. He never cried happy tears before. He barely ever cried. But this night was so overwhelming that he could no longer hold it in. He just cried. To this day, they remain together, high school sweethearts. He has never stoped loving her as much as he did that night, and she has always loved him. They dont see eachother that often, and thats not helpfull in their relationship, but they have managed to get through everything together, and are still in love. Truly Maddly Deeply.

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