Open Letter to Future Players

May 27, 2009
By Jackie Jensen BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Jackie Jensen BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Do I really know you? I’m trying to say four months ago I could call you my friend. Today is different. Everything is different. Different bonds we had and trusting factors. Different places we met, random hangouts we had. It was all fine and fun until your stupid male hormones kicked back in after your nine-month relationship ended.

You started off all sweet and innocent, but they all do. Take note future players. You called me your “best friend” and was always there for me. Then you met my best girlfriends, we all hangout and you brought out your Mr. Flirt side. Since you knew nothing would ever happen between us, you worked your way around them. Three of my friends. How could you? The first was fine, but the second and the third? Awkward for me. And then you just moved on after one night. They hated you after that so how could I not. You used them. You lied to me. You changed. You acted all powerful and mighty as if every girl was waiting for you. But you didn’t realize what you were doing and turning into.

You were a hooking up lying monster. Every guy after that reminded me of you. I can’t believe how immature your male minds are. No respect toward girls what so ever. What made it worse was breaking up girl’s friendships over you, spreading rumors about your ex-close friends, and not even feeling bad about it all. It was tough for me getting yelled at because of your screw-ups. Get over yourself please and realize what a pig of a man you are.

I deleted your pictures, number, and blocked all those memories because look at how much you can hurt a person. I don’t plan on ever reuniting our friendship because the damage is done. You gave yourself a bad reputation and you deserved it. If you had just stayed the way you were four months ago I could say, “Yeah he’s my best friend.” But today I’m happy I don’t have to answer with that and embarrass myself because people are catching on to your ways.

Good luck with your future, I can’t wait to see how your pathetic player life turns out, because I can find myself a new “ best guy friend” who won’t treat me and other girls the way you did.

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