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June 11, 2009
By Dana Hulsen BRONZE, East Meadow, New York
Dana Hulsen BRONZE, East Meadow, New York
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There comes a time in every girl’s life when they come across the clique known as the “populars.” The girls in this clique tend to own a lot of expensive material possessions such as: Uggs, Abercrombie, Juicy, the Iphone, etc. Most of the time, the “populars” make fun of people who do not own these items, have hand me downs, shop at stores that do not sell brand-names, or like someone or something that most people find weird. I have been made fun of and have gained a lot of experience of how to deal with these girls. I am going to give you and all of the other people who read this short- story a bit of help with THE “POPULARS.”

Many times, the “populars” tend to act really snobby and push people around. They act like they are the queens of the school and no one else is more important than them. The “populars” do not always answer questions in class except for when the teacher asks them to. Did you ever wonder why “popular” kids make fun of people when they get a one-hundred on a test? Well, most of the time, when a girl is really “popular,” they are afraid to get a lot of questions right, or their clique will make fun of them. Next time you get a one- hundred on a test and you see a “popular” making fun of you, tell the teacher or the nearest adult. If you are too shy, just accept the fact that your friends don’t care what you got on a test and will never make fun of you.

A lot of girls try to get into the “popular” clique by talking to one of the girls that belong to that clique. The problem is you never know what they think of you. If you try to fit in, the chances are you will just make things worse. If you don’t like how the “populars” treat you or your friends, why would you want to treat other people like that? You should not try to fit in with the “populars” because; it is not worth losing your friends and acting differently. My advice is, when a “popular” asks you a question, don’t answer. Chances are, they will take your words and twist them around to create a rumor.

That’s another topic I want to talk about.


Rumors are no more than words that shouldn’t bother you. If a “popular” starts a rumor about you, just ignore it. If people ask you if it is true or not, tell them it is not true and you don’t know why or when it got started. If they don’t believe you, ask them who told them about the rumor and tell the guidance counselor, social worker, or whatever this person is called in your school. Sooner or later the rumor will disappear, and you will go back to being you.

When it comes to who you hang out with, one of your friends is probably a friend with one of the “populars.”
If this is the case, ask them why they hang out with them if that person makes fun of you. If you feel like they are talking about you behind your back, tell them and ask them if they could stop hanging out with that person. If they say no, tell them: Fine, but until you do, I’ll stop talking to you.
Well, this is all the advice I can give you right now. If you are having trouble with a different topic, tell me and I will write about it next time!

The author's comments:
Well, I did have some trouble with some girls in school. My english teacher started a creative writing enrichment and that gave me the chance to write my piece. I hope you get to read another one of my pieces.
- Dana H.

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This is REALLY GOOD!!!

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