Stuck in a Tree

June 10, 2009
By Mackenzie Renkert BRONZE, Kirkland, Washington
Mackenzie Renkert BRONZE, Kirkland, Washington
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I walked along the grass fields, age 10,just enjoying life with my best friend. We then past the baseball fields where our brothers were intensely playing their championship baseball game. We saw a nice looking tree, so we decided to investigate. It was a tall large tree with a great view of the baseball fields where the game was picking up its pace.

We took a chance and decided to climb the tree. I got to a nice looking branch and hung on for a couple seconds till my grip slipped and my thigh slipped in between 2 branches. They squeezed my leg so tight, I was in so much pain. I let out a high yelp as I turned to my friend and told her to run and get my mom. My mom hurriedly rushed over as fast as possible, seeing as it was urgent. As soon as she got there she realized this was going to take more than just her to solve this problem.

Before I knew it I had caused the game to stop and all of the parents were trying to generate a plan to get me out of the tree. At this point I was balling my eyes out and I was being comforted by the kind moms who were aware of the situation at hand.

The struggle to find a way to get me out was increasing and they could only think of one thing left to do. Call the pros. As soon as I heard the numbers 911 I knew there could be another way. In just a couple of seconds a man butted in. He was the head coach of the apposing team and informed everyone that he has a chainsaw in the back of his car. Butterflies filled my stomach, I was so nervous. He slowly cut away the tree right next to my leg. The tree branch fell off and I was finally free.

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