Cow Eye Dissection

June 10, 2009
By Bailey Cook BRONZE, Kenmore, Washington
Bailey Cook BRONZE, Kenmore, Washington
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In our science class our teacher has us dissect cow eyes to learn about the parts of the eye. When we dissect the eye there are three roles, the reader (normally the person who might faint or throw up if they touch or even look at the eye), the dissectors assistant (the person who doesn’t really want to touch the eye but doesn’t mind looking at it), and the dissector (the person who is really excited about touching a cows eye). When we dissected I ended up being the dissector, not that I was really excited to cut open an eye, but because no one else in my group would.

So then it was time to start the dissection. It took me about two minutes to actually pick up the eye but after I did I realized it wasn’t that gross. The only part that was really gross was that after we cut open the cornea this fluid called the aqueous humor started coming out. When I thought all of it had come out I poked at the eye a little which caused the rest of the fluid to shoot out and almost splattered all over the person who was the reader. The reader, who as you remember does not want to even look at the eye, got so freaked out they had to go and step outside to get some fresh air. After that the rest of the dissection went smoothly.

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