Losing a Friend

June 8, 2009
By Adilene Aceves BRONZE, Hawthorne, California
Adilene Aceves BRONZE, Hawthorne, California
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Losing a really close friend is something hard to go through but it happens to most of us in one point of our lives. When I say losing it can mean a couple of things. For example, it can be that your friend transfers schools, moves somewhere else, or passes away. In my case, my friend, Maria Aguilar, moved somewhere else, to Arizona.

I clearly remember the day we met. It was during the second semester of freshmen year during P.E. She didn’t dress that day and I decided to sit out because I didn't feel well. Like the random person that I am, I decided to start talking to her and from there we kept on hanging out during P.E. From there we eventually started to talk more and more and eventually became really close friends and hung out more often during lunch and class.

One day this year, she told me that she was going to move to Arizona during the summer. I was sad and happy at the same time. Sad because she wasn’t going to go to the same school as me and we probably wouldn’t help her out.

Another day, she told me that she was actually going to move sooner than she thought. My friends and I decided to throw her a going away party her last day there during lunch and we did. We had fun eating but after the party, we got emotional and couldn’t stop crying, we pretty much cried through all of sixth period.

Then a few weeks later, she sent me a text in which she told me that she was going to come back and I was thrilled. She came back about two weeks after I received the text. I thought I wasn’t going to ever see her again but I did and that made me very happy. Now we continue to be close friends and always help each other out. I know I can count on her for anything and she knows she can also count on me. Hopefully I will never lose her friendship because she has always been there for me.

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