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June 8, 2009
By Nien Hua BRONZE, Lawndale, California
Nien Hua BRONZE, Lawndale, California
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The little girl would lay aside her grandma on the couch, and watch funny Chinese dramas. She knew about nothing at the time, but nudging her grandma to randomly get her attention. There were moments when she would sit up and start massaging her grandma’s arm. Then she would come close to her grandma’s ear and whisper, “A ma, aw sec knee,” which from Chinese would translate to “Grandma, I love you”. In response, the little girl’s grandma would smile back in a very loving and fulfilled way.

The living room would consist of no one but the two of them enjoying their movie. This was something that took place very often and not just once. The little girl lived in the house behind her grandma’s house because they lived in a duplex. Therefore, the little girl was able to go and spend time with her grandma whenever she desired. This also meant that the little girl was able to grow much attached to her grandma in various ways.

As time went by, the little girl started to grow up and had to spend more time on school matters. With that in mind, the little girl’s visits to her grandma’s house became fewer and fewer. They were no longer able to spend at least an hour everyday with each other.

Like most people, the little girl did not realize that she was not spending much time with her grandma like before. She was too busy with other issues that she had to take care to actually notice the change. To the girl who was no longer little anymore, her grandma was always going to be there no matter what. But she was soon to be proved wrong.

The girl’s grandma started to have non-stop visits to the hospital, and on some occasions, she would even have to stay for days at a time. There was a time when the girl’s grandma came over to stay at her house so her mom could take care of her. During those days, things returned to how they used to be. Grandma would stay in the girl’s room, so she would come home from school and do her homework at her desk while her grandma was laying there, watching Chinese dramas. In the night, the girl would sit and have little chats with her grandma. She would have lots of questions for her and Grandma seemed to always have answers to them.

After those couple of months, her grandma had to return to the hospital. No one ever thought this, but that was the last time grandma was able to come home. And again, no one thought that it would happen because in a way, they were all used to her grandma going in and coming back out. But this time, however, everything was about to change forever.

The girl’s grandma passed away a month or so after returning to the hospital. From that day on, life was no longer the same. There was no longer a grandma for the girl to come visit when she missed her. The only thing left for the girl was… Memories of the wonderful times they spent together.

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