June 7, 2009
By haley edwards BRONZE, River Forest, Illinois
haley edwards BRONZE, River Forest, Illinois
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I felt anxious to find out what my scene was and who I was working with. The day had finally come and we found out. I am with Nadia and Miranna. I am not the closets friends with them but I would soon find out what it would be like working with them. Right away, when we met that day, I knew that we would work well together because we were all serious about the project. That weekend we met and figured out all of our blocking. It was awesome to have all of our blocking set especially when we had one of the earlier performances. It was enjoyable to meet on a weekend and practice for the performance. Digging deep into the text helped me understand what I was saying, so that I was not just saying words from a Shakespeare play. By actually spending the time on understanding the play, it made me realize that my character wanted to find out what happened to hamlet and what did he see? I would have a much better understanding of the whole play by going through each scene and manipulating the text to find out what each character wants. By manipulating the scene that I performed it made me realize what Horatio wants from Hamlet. He wanted Hamlet to trust him and tell him what had happened between the ghost and him and also wanted Hamlet to believe that Horatio would not tell anyone about what he saw.

When analyzing the text I pulled out the word trust. Unlike Horatio and Hamlets already existing relationship I find the fight for trust to be one taken when I develop new relationships. Realizing that trust was one of the big issues in the scene made me realize how important it is to hold trust at the beginning of a friendship. At a beginning of a relationship, if there is not trust, trust can never be gained from nothing. In the performance I felt like there was a good sense of trust between all of us. None of us were worried about if each other would remember their lines because we all had trust in each other. Right before walking on stage Nadia told me that I would do well. When I walked on stage I wanted to take as many risks as I could by reacting to everything Miranna said as Hamlet. . By reacting to Miranna it made the scene more interesting to the audience. When I practiced I would go all out which made the performance feel more comfortable. We did not practice a lot where to the scene felt too comfortable where there was not energy or excitement.

By acting out the scene it brought out a different side of Horatio to the audience. As nick said, I had a moment where it was just as if I had no clue as to what was going on in the scene. That is what happened when Horatio heard the ghost yell out “swear.” He had no clue as to what it was however he did know that it was a ghost.

Also by analyzing the text it made Horatio not seem as the tough guy in which he tried to be at all times. He showed a side where he was scared of the Ghost because he did not know what it was, when the ghost was yelling, “swear.” This shows me that you do not have to be tough at all times and that I can show emotion and be scared of things that I am scared of. I try to put on a front and show that I am not scared of anything because I think it will show that I am mentally weak or that I am scared of the unknown. In the play it just made me think that I can show when I am scared or sad about something that happened and that I do not always have to be the one to stay strong.

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