On Perverts

June 7, 2009
By Brenda Franco BRONZE, Lawndale, California
Brenda Franco BRONZE, Lawndale, California
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Two guys end up driving by CVS. They are in a white truck, which looks pretty old. What people would usually stereotype as a “Mexican” truck. They both seem pretty old, like in their late 20’s. Their dirty clothes and dirty appearance show that they have nothing going for them. As they stop on the corner, they start whistling at a girl passing by with really short red shorts. The girl continues to walk, pretending she didn’t hear them.

There was no one else walking there, the girl was alone. Only the cars on the street, pretending they did not see anything. It’s mid march and it’s a really sunny day, not what you’d expect with spring just starting. And everyone is doing his or her own thing, ignoring what just happened.

But for now, the guys again try to talk to the girl. The girl completely ignores them. Then she starts looking in her bag; pencils, erasers, pens. She then finds her cell phone and pretends to call someone. The guys still do not get the hint, so she turns around the corner, keeping her out of sight. The guys then finally leave.

Was it really necessary for those guys to try to hit on that girl?

Up on the avenue, near the Value plus store, there is a paint store. A lot of men work at that store and end up spending most of their time outside. Every time I go to school I always see those guys outside of the store. I assume that they are waiting for work. But one day I just walked by there; all the guys there are old and seem like they have no lives. So when I was about to pass them I noticed that they saw me. So I decided to listen to my ipod at full volume. I imagined that if they saw me listening to my music, then they wouldn’t try to talk to me. They did not talk to me, but they just kept staring at me. I was relieved that they did not talk to me.
But as I continued to walk, this guy on a bike decided to talk to me. He just rode by and said hi. I was just like eww? Twice, I have witnessed this and on the same day. Random guys just decided to hit on me. I wondered, what is it that makes them think its ok to hit on girls younger than they are. Feeling they have a chance? Being bored? Or just feeling superior? Or do they simply just feel it’s the right thing to do?

We really can’t deny that there are a lot of perverts and their presence grows. Hollering is not a character trait that is appreciated. It is annoying and gross especially if it is happening to you. Why do they have the sense to think that it’s ok to do that? I mean they just look pretty desperate when they do that, can’t they get someone their own age?

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