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June 7, 2009
By crystal lau BRONZE, Ottawa, Other
crystal lau BRONZE, Ottawa, Other
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My future plan has already been set up in my mind. I want to be a movie director. Although my actual dream career is not being a movie director, I wished to be a psychologist. However, in order to become a psychologist, it will take me another 10 years studying in school to pursue a doctoral degree. Therefore, I give up on becoming a psychologist. Afterward, I realize that I love being creative and I would like to share my thoughts and ideas with others. By becoming a movie director, I can express my feelings through media. Also, I can earn a huge amount of money if I can work for a large company. Nonetheless, the most important thing to me is that I do have the passion to make the Hong Kong movie industry raises again.

Due to the problems of pirated movies, the Hong Kong movie industry has been weakened for a few years. I want my works to attract and be valued by audiences, and allowing them to realize that it is worth the money to pay for the movie tickets and experiences it in the big screen. As a result, this will be able to support the local movie industry. Although it is difficult, I was born in Hong Kong and I am attached to this place.

I know that I am creative and emotional. I am able to find my own and unique ways to convey my thoughts and feelings through my creations. Hopefully, I can build up a positive influence for our next generation from my movies.

Although I am not hoping to earn a huge amount of money, there are different types of movie award ceremony to reward those who produced a recognized film. By winning an award, I can therefore become a renowned movie director. Money and fame are not utmost important, but they definitely help to market my films and attract investors for increasing my production budgets. As a result, I will be able to have a better chance to produce my movies and promote my thoughts to the new generation.

An emotional person like me who loves being creative and has the attachment and loyalty to the home city would really be suitable to become a movie director. I can build up good influences for my audience and earn an adequate amount of money and fame at the same time. Also, I would be able to help the Hong Kong movie industry while enjoying my work.

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