Understanding A Girl...

June 4, 2009
By Anonymous

People arent always what they seem. People always think of me as the same weird looking girl who's really shallow and dimwitted. When really im extremely insecure. Maybe it's a good thing that people dont kno im insecure... maybe it's a bad thing. From the outside looking in you might think im your some what average african american teenager... but deeper than i can even see i know there's someone else... In reality im the girl that always has people at her side. In my imagination im a loner and people just dont grasp that. I've never bullied anyone before, because I dont like when people do it to me. I've never attempted to physically or mentally hurt anybody before, but im alwaysz being physically and mentally abused and shot down. Im just a lost invisible soul. And for far too long my thoughts have been bottled up inside of my always thinking head. But i've had enough, I need to share with everyone...This is not a "my parents are beating me story", or a "nobody likes me story". This is just a regular kinda story, sometimes deep, sometimes boring.

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